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The Mighty Branches of the Heart: Home Poems

A poet reflects with humor and lyricism on the passing seasons, human folly, and her daughter’s changing life.

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The Mighty Branches of the Heart: Home Poems is a collection of poems the Minnesota writer, Maeve Butler Beck, composed between 1961 and 1979 for her daughter when she came home late at night during her high school years, and later when she returned home from faraway. The preface of the book draws on Maeve’s letters, memoirs and poems to trace the journey of a woman who struggled to reconcile the conventions of wife and mother with her passion for writing and teaching. The preface also offers a glimpse into a brilliant, unconventional woman whose aspirations were buoyed by political movements of the late 1960’s. Born in 1919 into a branch of the notorious Butler clan of Minnesota, Maeve found solace at an early age in wild nature and poetry. Three decades later, feeling confined and restless in her role as a mother of three, she again turned to poetry, creating a unique genre of poems about leaving and returning home.

Home poems were written in motley forms of poetry that combined absurdity, beauty, news, and whimsy...[The poems] were often funny, designed to catch my attention or bring up important topics in a roundabout way. They were also a vehicle by which my mother demonstrated the nuances of language, rhythm, and line in formal metric poetry. If I was unaware of her subtle teaching she did not let that stop her, since the poems were as much for her survival as my enjoyment and edification.

The poems collected in this book are by a woman who more than anything loved language. My mother, Maeve Butler Beck, loved the sounds of words in all their permutations—their eccentric origins, possibilities, and reverberations. She sensed the world around her in musical language: The song of the thrush, the dip, dip of a paddle in water, and soughing of wind in balsam branches were a sacred language she understood in a visceral way.

– from the Preface to The Mighty Branches Of The Heart: Home Poems

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The Mighty Branches Of the Heart:
Home Poems

Maeve Butler Beck
Preface by P.V. Beck
294 pages
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